Contact Center


BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., Offers this practical channel access, by which you can obtain the detail information of the products and services the bank offers.

You can contact via the following number: + 1 (939) 337-8000, Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 04:30 P.M.


Benefits and Features:

  • Personal attention to all your questions related to the products and services of the Bank.
  • Report drawbacks in using products and services of the Bank.
  • Account balances consultation.
  • Receiving suggestions and complaints.



  • Possess telephone access.
  • Have an account with BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC.



  • You are not required to perform process of affiliation to the service contact center since the time of negotiation of any products or services of the Bank, automatically enjoy the attention provided by the Contact Center.


Note: If you notice any irregularities or concerned service, do not hesitate to approach the office of BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., where gladly assist you to meet your requirements. 

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