Safety Tips to Prevent Fraud by Email:
  • Take care of the content of the messages, preventing include the full numbers of their accounts; eventually electronic mail can be intercepted at any time during the shipping route.
  • Do not reply and delete emails from companies that alert you to problems in your account and request financial information.
  • Keep your email privacy, avoiding display in public places such as Web pages, social networks, among others, thus avoiding SPAM.
  • Discard emails where we request information about your passwords and / or bank accounts. BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., and no other bank requests such information via the Internet.
  • Contact Center +1 (939) 337- 8000 or visit our office to denounce those e-mails that seem suspicious.
  • Never respond to any e-mails asking for financial or personal data information, even if it has an official appearance.

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  • For your convenience, whenever you or your additional use the Credit Card, you will receive an email with the details of each purchase; if you do not receive it, please verify your email address writting to mailbox [email protected]
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