Time Deposit

 Financial instruments with maturities of between thirty-one days (31) to three hundred sixty-five days (365), which allows you to earn interest, they may be paid in the Time Deposit (TD), as agreed with the customer.


Advantages and Features:

  • Interest calculated on daily balances paid at maturity; these may be capitalized or deposited in any deposit accounts with BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC. (the calculation basis shall be three hundred sixty five (365) days).
  • The interest earned on the deposited funds are always paid as they remain in the account until maturity.
  • They can be pledged as collateral to obtain a loan with BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., or as collateral with our correspondents.
  • Renewal automatically at maturity for the same period and the current interest rate Renewal.



  • Complete and sign Time Deposit Opening Application-Corporate.
  • Have an account with BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC.
  • Have all documentation from the client main account updated.
  • The minimum opening for operations up to 31 days is $ 5,000.00 (to other terms and amounts, please check Interest Rates TD).


Limitations / Penalties:

  • No increases may take place in the Time Deposit after its establishment; but it may open another TD.
  • Funds deposited on the TD may not be transferred, assigned or pledged as security or collateral for loans and other obligations on behalf of another institution or person without prior written authorization by the Bank.
  • Early cancellation will incur penalties.
  • Promoted interest rates may change from time to time as determined by BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC.


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