Security Tips

Security tips for BI Online use:

  • For operations via Internet in a safe manner, log on the computer in your home or office; avoid public schools.
  • Enter internet portal under any circumstances access through links from emails or other external sites.
  • Regularly check your bank accounts, if you detects something suspicious, report it immediately to the Contact Center +1 (939) 337- 8000 or contact our office.
  • Discard emails in which you request information about your passwords and / or accounts. BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., will not request this information via the Internet.
  • Once you have finished operating in BI Online, close your session by pressing the "Exit" button.
  • In certain situations in the movement (s) of your (s) account (s), if BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., considers them suspicious we will contact you, so it is important to keep your personal data updated.
  • Keep your antivirus updated and your browser.


Safety Tips to prevent fraud by Email:

  • Take care of the content of the messages, preventing include the full numbers of their accounts; eventually electronic mail can be intercepted at any time during the shipping route.
  • Do not reply and delete emails from companies that alert you to problems in your account and request financial information.
  • Keep your email privacy, avoiding display in public places such as Web pages, social networks, among others, thus avoiding SPAM.
  • Discard emails where we request information about your passwords and / or bank accounts. BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., and no other bank requests such information via the Internet.
  • Contact Center +1 (939) 337- 8000 or visit our office to denounce those e-mails that seem suspicious.
  • Never respond to any e-mails asking for financial or personal data information, even if it has an official appearance.


Security Tips for Debit and / or Credit cards:

  • Make sure to get a card, the security envelope has not been opened and which complies with the protection measures outlined in it.
  • Sign immediately with pen in black or blue ink card to identify it.
  • Periodically check the movements in your statements, if you detects any irregularities in the records, report it immediately through the BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., office.
  • Memorize your credit and debit cards password, avoid carrying annotated in your belongings annotated agendas, papers or on the same card.
  • Contact center +1 (939) 337- 8000, in case of loss or theft of your cards or detect anything suspicious.


Security Tips for Using Debit and / or Credit at ATMs:

  • Memorize and keep your passwords don't share them with others.
  • Remember to sign your credit or debit card on the back, just as you receive them; this way you can then identify each operation.
  • Keep all receipts of operations issued by ATMs.
  • If you encounter a problem with your card, contact the telephone numbers shown on the back of it or visit our office as soon as possible to present the corresponding claim is filed.
  • Periodically change your passwords, avoid the use of repeated digits or corresponding to their personal address, date of birth or telephone number.
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