Money Market

Product designed to also provide handling your account by debit card, the possibility of generating interest as its assets.

Advantages and Characteristics:

  • Monthly subscription (at the end of each month) from Interest income, calculated on daily balances.
  • Getting proportional interests in relation to the increase in account balance.
  • Personalized attention both through the Bank's office by telephone, where a highly trained staff can guide you in managing your requirements.
  • Mobilization through debit card, also may have the capability to transfers between own accounts and to third’s both within BANPLUS INTERNATIONAL BANK, INC., as well to other banks.
  • Transfers programmed with just the turn of a statement for your comfort (For the formalization of scheduled transfers must come to our office).
  • The minimum account balance to earn interest is US $ 5,000.00.



  • Complete, sign and submit the account opening formats to your Executive for its proper management. The formats are available in the "Documents" section.
  • Color copy of two (2) valid identity documents and photo (Identity Card and Passport) of the account holder and authorized signatory.
  • Water, electricity or phone bill with residential address proof (maximum term of three (3) months issued) of the account holder and authorized signatory.
  • Income proof or employment certification (maximum term of three (3) months issued) of the account holder and authorized signatory. 
  • Bank, commercial or credit card reference of the account holder and authorized signatory (maximum term of three (3) months issued).
  • Minimum opening balance is $ 5,000.00.



  • A commission will be charged for managing balances below the minimum amount will be charged opening set.
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